Holocaust Essay

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At the end of World War I, the Germans were angry and bitter that they lost the war. One of them was a Austrian corporal, the infamous Adolf Hitler, who rose to power and became the Chancellor of Germany, Führer (leader) of Germany, and also a leader of the Nazis party. Hitler, along with the other Nazis members, started the Holocaust, a genocide during WWII where millions of people were imprisoned and killed, especially Jews. He was also involved in WWII, being one of the three leaders of the Axis Powers. We feel that the Holocaust is a horrifying event in human history because so many people died. The Holocaust is important because it allows us to see how terrifying it was and to make sure that something similar to it will not happen again. It is also important because we want to remember all the victims of it.
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A train took them there and if they try to escape, they would be shot at. Jews had to work at concentration camps with horrible treatments while Jews at death camps would be killed by guns or poison gas and some would be experimented on.
The Nazi’s tried to keep their mass killings of Jews a secret. However, when the war ended, the world was shown the horrific places the Nazi’s had built and the people were horrified of Germany’s actions.
After the Holocaust, people built memorials for the people who had suffered or died in it. Today, schools are educating students about the Holocaust. It is significant today because we cannot forget about the people that have died and we need to honor them.
In the end, many people had made memorials and educate students about the Holocaust to make us remember the terrible things the victims of the Holocaust went through. We move forward by forgiving and having peace. We could sign a treaty with the Germans to not attack any country again and in return, we could forgive

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