Essay On What Events During The Holocaust Shaped Canada History

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On January 30th 1933 in Germany, one of the biggest events in Canadian history began. This event has been taught, debated, and talked about greatly over the last 87 years. The holocaust. This event changed the course of Canadian history; it served as a reminder of the dangers of prejudice and hatred. And the importance of promoting diversity. Canada's restrictive immigration policies at the time largely closed the door on Jews who were desperately trying to seek safety and refuge from persecution at the hands of the Nazis. But what events during the holocaust shaped Canadian history?

One pivotal event that took place and that also hinted at the holocaust was the Natzi book burnings of 1933. This event took place in Berlin square where many …show more content…

Concentration camps were used during the holocaust to incarcerate, torture, and kill Jewish men, women, and children. In March of 1933, the first concentration camp named Dachau opened outside of Munich, Germany. It was primarily used for political prisoners and was the longest running camp, until its liberation in April 1945. These camps largely affected Canada as many lost loved ones and close friends due to the brutality of the torturous …show more content…

Germany surrendered. On Monday May 7th 1945, General Alfred Jodl, Chief of Staff of the German Army, signed three other surrender documents at the same time, one each for Great Britain, Russia, and France. The German military stated: “ We the undersigned, acting by authority of the German High Command, hereby surrender unconditionally to the Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Forces and simultaneously to the Soviet High Command all forces on land, sea and in the air who are at this date under German control”. Once Germany surrendered all concentration camps were shut down and any remaining survivors were brought to safety. This event is considered one of the greatest days in Canadian history as it symbolized the end of the suffering that millions endured for years on end.

Overall, the holocaust was important to Canadian history as it was part of the second world war and it also serves as a reminder of the dangers of prejudice and hatred. And the importance of promoting diversity.
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