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The holocaust begin in 1933 and ended in 1945. The Jewish people were targeted by the nazis because Hitler and the nazis blamed Jewish people for the cause of WWI to cover up the fact of how bad they were. The way Jewish people were discriminated against was by the government they would use their power to target and exclude Jewish people from German society.
First, they would strip them of their rights. Secondly, they would segregate them by banning them from German schools. Thirdly they would put them in concentration camps and separate them from their family then would make them work and those who couldn't work/ had no skill would be killed (women, children, and weak men). During the holocaust, the nazis killed 6 million Jewish people and …show more content…

According to (Doc A) the way antisemitism in Europe was shown was before the holocaust but still has importance in the St. Valentine's Day massacre. The St. valentines massacre was an organized mass murder of ethnic groups. They blamed Jewish people for the black death, rooted in the belief that they killed Jesus Christ and he wanted to punish them.
According to (Doc B) Germany made books that were directed toreds children.
The Germans would show these books in school conveying the message of Jewish stereotypes. This was done as a way to let German kids grow up to think all Germans are bad and that would inspire them to join the nazi german party.
According to the (Background essay) ways, antisemitism was showed was before and after WWI.
The German nazi blamed Germans for WWI to make an excuse to isolate them.
When the German party lost WWI the Versailles was created to limit their military …show more content…

The Einsatzgruppen is a special group tasked with the job of liquidating/ killing Jewish people. The total number of Jewish people that were liquidated in Lithuania is 71,105.
According to (Doc F) one of the long-term effects of the holocaust was guilt.
On the morning of May 3, 1945, the Jewish camp survivors had been freed. They felt as though they had been reborn and a heavy feeling of happiness hit them. However, the feeling of guilt hit them as well because they felt sad about all the loss and felt sad because they were free and their family and friends were gone and couldn't share that happiness with them.
Another long-term effect of the holocaust was the loss of the overall Jewish population, (Doc G)
In Document G the map shows that in 1933 the highest population of Jewish people in Europe would have been Germany, Poland, Russia, and Romania.
After WWII Germany, Poland, Russia, and Romania lost almost all of their Jewish population However France gained more than twice the Jewish population they

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