Essay About Moving Away

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“It’s not over until it’s over. You want to be a champion, you have to think that way, in everything you do. You never stop.” I was hurt playing football like when I got a concussion and messed my knee up for a few weeks. But did I quit? No, I didn’t give up. How did you get your character to have multiple of the same traits as me and teach me so many lessons in life. I was mad by the way your characters aunt and uncle treated him because I know that some people have to deal with the same things on the daily. I was furious at how his classmates treated him when they would mock him because of his shoes and glasses. I have been picked on for not wearing my new shoes or when I get made fun of because of my glasses. I have been made fun of for …show more content…

I have fond memories that i think of when I think of my family. I usually think of vacations and holidays like christmas and thanksgiving. It made me kind of happy when the deal with Lucy got him the things he wanted. I have got a way or lucked out and got to go to something before. I know that a lot of people never get to have extra things like vacations and parties for birthdays. I also know lots of kids don’t have loving families. I respect Coach V and anyone who tries to help kids when they are made fun of. I also was helped by coaches when they would give me advice to improve like Ty did. I respect Coach V’s generosity when he talked with Ty. I have made mistakes and gone to far and coaches have helped me with it. I have been bullied many times and sometimes don’t realize that I bully others. I changed when reading your book and realized that I should pay more attention to what I do and say to others. I have taken in many lessons from your book. I finished your book and now I am more determined and have become more positive, and I’ve learned to never give up hope. I learned to get back up and not stay down after getting knocked down, not just in football, but in life. Thanks to you Tim Green. Thank you for writing this

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