My Family: My Fondest Memories Of Childhood

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When I was asked to think of my fondest memories as a child there were few far between. There was The time I spent with my step dads parents in Edmond Washington all the one on one time with my mom the memories of getting anything I want as the only child, the birth of my baby brother although that really was exciting but I can remember getting left out for the new child, the birth of my sister but that is just were things got wore cause they were mom and dads angels they did no wrong. The memories that I cherish so much to this day with the days that I got to spend with my granddaddy. There were several memories that I hang on to, since he passed away I cherish them more and more. There are so many memories that they may not go in order according to age but they are they ones that I hold close to my heart. I remember when I was in kinder-garden or first grade I would leave school and it took a few days for my mom and step dad to figure out where I went. I remember that I use to leave and go to my granddaddy 's porch and fall asleep on his porch, when he found me he would let me in and tell me that I should be at school. He would make the best peanut and jelly sandwich ever so I thought any ways, hey would cut it diagonally and cut what I called the bones witch was the crust and then hey would sit in his chair and we would cuddle in his chair and watch cartoons Flintstones to be exact till my mom showed it was an everyday thing Monday thru Friday. I would be in so much

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