Personal Narrative: Over Seas

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Over Seas One afternoon, five years ago, my life changed. After eight years of hoping and praying that the agency would pick us to be the next family to migrate and get the chance to build a better, happier life. We were given the opportunity to live in the United States and my family could not have been happier; Their smiles were bigger than the galaxy itself and their eyes had stars in them, glowing brighter than the sun. Everything was perfect, everybody was happy and we were ready to begin a new chapter of our life as a family. Even though everything was going according to plan' we still can't hide the fact that we are leaving our family and friends behind. My aunts, uncles, cousins, and especially my grandparents. Everybody was crying because we all knew that we would not be able to see each other anytime soon. I felt like I was abandoning the only family I ever knew and I was crushed. However, our goodbyes had to come to an end as were coming near our flight to leave, tears were coming down our cheeks, so much so that we could have filled u an entire pool. …show more content…

While unpacking the car full of our luggage's my aunt decided to give my mom and dad some advice words of wisdom so they would have something to guide them whenever they were lost. We soon boarded the plane and realized that everything will change: the way we talk, shop, dress and just the basic things that we do to connect to the world will just simply shift and transform into the complete opposite that what were used to. Although it would be a tough and challenging transition we were going to do it as whole and not

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