Marist Scholarship Essay

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The importance of a superb education has been instilled into me from a very young age. Both of my parents immigrated to the United States in order to reach the American Dream. My family always reminds me that education and opportunities are available to those who work for it. Also, it does not matter where you come from to become successful in life. Although, you should never forget where you come from. I am the oldest of three, and I want to be the person that everyone in my family can look up to as inspiration. Everyday I make an one and a half hour trip to Marist in order to become successful. Despite my challenges at school, I always reflect on my family back in Haiti, whom are not in the best condition. Furthermore, I learned to never …show more content…

I can assure you that if it were not for basketball, I currently would not be at Marist as a sophomore. It helped me gain the endless friends that I have, and the long friendships that I continue to make. Also, since freshman year, it has allowed me to travel all across New Jersey and New York City. This year with Coach Brooks has by far been the most excruciating year. However, he has been an individual that I look up to. Besides the fact that he is a graduate of Marist, he gives countless advice on how to become successful in life as a young black man. One thing that has taught me to play by the rules and take responsibility for my actions is the game of chess. Personally, I do not only see chess as a board game. I see chess as a connection to our modern day society. I tend to use an analogy when I make critical decisions, “think before you move.” Also, chess is helping me become a quadrilingual person. Chess is one of the reasons why I wish to continue my Spanish study abroad. The ability to interact with people in a different way is truly beautiful. Studying the game of chess will truly make a student smarter. Truly, it has played a significant role in my

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