National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

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The title of the most ‘Disorganized, Sporadically Planned, Disaster of an Event of the 2016-2017 School Year,’ must sadly be granted the 2016-17 National Honor Society Induction Ceremony. As a brand new National Honor Society Inductee, I was honored with the chance to attend this prestigious event and found myself leaving dissatisfied and disillusioned. The National Honor Society is a well-respected and important organization in the academic community, one that students work hard to achieve enrollment in and colleges view with respect and admiration. The Induction Ceremony is meant to honor these students dedication and scholastic work ethic and pay homage to the Honor students that have come before us. I had much been looking forward the event as a way to show my family how much effort I have poured into my highschool career. I wanted them to be proud of me. Instead, they were far too distracted with the utter chaos that dominated the Ceremony to enjoy the student’s accomplishments. Not only were the speakers still practicing the program’s activities while the parents were arriving, but they actually began the introduction while the setup crew scrambled to finish piecing the stage together. The bangs and clangs of the last minute preparations were only outmatched by the rapid fire inductee name announcements, that resulted in a bumbling, befuddled, …show more content…

The memory of each student’s accomplishment will forever be overshadowed by the mess of the Induction Ceremony that was originally meant to acknowledge them. I believe that the event could and should have been more smoothly conducted, for the sake of all involved. However, although the Honor Society Induction Ceremony was disorganized, I am still very honored to have been granted this prestigious award and would not have changed my decision to strive for it, if I was given the chance to begin

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