National Honor Society Analysis

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It is a great honor to be considered for acceptance into the F.A. Verplanck Chapter of the National Honor Society. Being apart of this means more than just having outstanding grades. Even though it is an important factor, aspects like leadership, community, and character is also what shapes this organization and the people in it to be a well rounded individual. I feel as if I possess all of these characteristics and I will make me positive contribution into the National Honors Society. Grades are extremely important, especially in junior year of high school because it is an opening for greater opportunities in the future. My first priority of excelling in school. I am currently number 13 in my class out of 362 students. This means I challenge myself with rigorous courses by taking AP, UCONN, and honors classes. Being accepted into this program I will prove how I am a dedicated, hardworking individual and serious about getting the most out of my education. …show more content…

I am evolved with volunteering at various events through the Interact club here at MHS. By volunteering within the town it gives me good morals. It teaches me to always give back to my community, but it is rewarding to help people in need. My leadership skills shines when I babysit. It is a huge responsibility to make sure a child, or sometimes an infant is safe at all times. I am always trying do the right thing, so the child can have someone they can look up to. I am a leader in the sense that I never turn down anyone when they ask for help. I should be accepted into the National Honors Society because giving my service to people, whether it is in school, home, or the community is an extremely important aspect of my everyday

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