Of Purpose For The Vice President Of The Mills Park Middle School National Junior Honor Society

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The Vice President of the Mills Park Middle School National Junior Honor Society is obligated to uphold a substantial leadership status and accentuate the five pillars of NJHS, amidst both their peers and respective communities. Furthermore, the Vice President ought to assist and collaborate effectively with the selected NJHS President. A President and a Vice President that can unite and take on a challenge together, establish an unbreakable bond that reflects remarkably on the society being led. This strong relationship applies not only to the President, but to the other officers and members of the National Junior Honor Society as well. It is the role of an NJHS officer to represent the voices of the students and form a collective opinion. …show more content…

Foremost, I am a natural born leader, capable of addressing large crowds and regulating events. Moreover, I have extensive experience in musical theatre; performing in community productions annually and teaching classes voluntarily. Excelling in ensemble building activities, I am also able to get along well with all groups of people and find conclusions that speak for everyone. Additionally, I transcend the typical academic standards for my age and grade. I have an extensive vocabulary and am able to pick up new subjects and topics at accelerated paces. These skills are useful in situations where I, as Vice President, would need to temporarily take on the position of an absent officer. With strong mental reflexes, I will step into the position of said officer and complete it to the best of my ability; working to overcome possible obstacles, instead of abandoning the responsibility. Along with the previously listed qualities, I have also completed two semesters of Computer Skills and Applications at Mills Park Middle School. In these classes, I learned and achieved excellence in various programs found on Microsoft and Google Docs (Including, but not limited to, Excel and Sheets). Participating in multiple different extracurricular activities at Mills Park Middle School, I am particularly well-rounded and am therefore able to reach out to different branches of people. A few of the clubs I am/have been in are: Science Olympiad, Math Counts, Spotlight Theatre, Run Club, etc. Overall, as the Vice President, I would appropriately address the society and fully commit myself to the role, both academically and

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