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10. Write a brief personal statement that describes any relevant personal characteristics, strengths, skills, or experiences that would make you a good candidate for the RA position. (300 words max)
“For unity in the Saint Thomas More Community, elect Alaina Robinson as Junior Class President”, I asserted, apprehensive of my fate as a future class representative. My role in the Student Government Association as Junior Class President (JCP) has been one of the most meaningful pledges during my scholastic years. I was afforded the opportunity to demonstrate my innate strengths as a critical thinker, exemplify the integrity necessary to effectively collaborate with others, and illuminate my untapped leadership abilities.
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Individuals who are professional, mature, and reliable. Effective RAs establish rapport with their residents, coordinate with other RAs and SRs, and adhere to the policies of Office of the Dean of Students/Housing and Residence Life. As an RA, I will model these virtues. I will subscribe selfless student leadership, putting my residents’ needs at the forefront. I will undertake administrative responsibility, while displaying maturity and empathy towards others.

11. The core values of Housing & Residence Life are Multiculturalism, Collaboration, Personal Accountability, Empowerment, Critical Thinking, and Customer Service. These core values shape the mission and vision of the Resident Staff Program. Please choose one of the six core values and explain how you would be able to embody this core value as a Resident Advisor. Feel free to provide relevant examples that pertain to answering the question. (500 words max)
“The International Affairs and Security (IAS) session emphasizes leadership development, and draws on historical examples and contemporary issues to help students think strategically and negotiate potential responses to complex international dilemmas.” – Yale Young Global Scholar 2016
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Furthermore, I will assist with the planning of the study abroad programs. Lastly, I will manage social programs that foster global interconnectedness.

12. An important part of Housing & Residence Life 's mission is to create "inclusive, welcoming communities." Briefly, explain what an "inclusive, welcoming community" looks like to you in the context of a Residence Hall. What steps would you take to create that kind of community in your Residence Hall? (500 words max)
Housing and Residence Life is a shining beacon of inclusivity. Its light casts an eminent reminder upon its distinct mission. As an RA, I would commit myself to perpetuating HRL’s welcoming culture of inclusivity. “Making housing a home” is the cornerstone of residential living- U.Va. Resident Advisor Facebook page. Hallmates should feel individually and collectively empowered. A residential hall should nurture personal development, initiate social/cultural enrichment, and foster intellectual inquiry. In turn, residents from every walk of life should feel included among other student
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