Resident Assistant Essay Examples

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Resident Assistants serve many purposes and play many roles in the community. They help to build and promote a supportive and active community within their residence hall and across the campus, and offer support and guidance to their residents. This aids in making Geneseo feel more like home and a community rather than simply a school. RAs enforce Geneseo and Department of Student Life rules, while also being a more easily accessible and less intimidating resource to other students in need of help.

I want to be an RA so that I can become more involved in the Geneseo community in a positive way, by helping and representing other students. In particular, I would love to be a resource for incoming students to Geneseo who are nervous and unsure about how they'll find their place here, like I was when I was a freshman. I also think being an RA is a great chance to develop leadership, conflict mediation, and public speaking skills, which are important to have now and in the future. Most of all, I'd like to be able to connect with students I otherwise might normally interact and …show more content…

If I was to become an RA, I would like to build connections with both my residents and my fellow Resident Assistants by holding events and working to build a diverse, caring community. I think connection can have a big effect on the RA staff as connection leads to better teamwork and collaboration, meaning the RA staff would work together more cohesively and thus make the experience of the residents more enjoyable. Building connections with and between your residents can have a very positive effect, as not only will they have a support system in place, they will also have a safe place to find friends, learn about differences among people, and find their place within the Geneseo community. Connection, in my opinion, can significantly improve one's experience in the residence hall and the Geneseo community at

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