Summary: Assisted Living

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I shadowed the Assisted Living Manager, Coley Rainbolt. As the assisted living manager, Coley has to complete monthly, quarterly, 6-month, and annual assessments for the assisted living residents on time. She has to schedule and lead care conferences in relation to residents’ needs and family expectations. She updates care plans and arranges all the resident care needs into task specific assignments for care associates. Along with all the residents she provides for, she also manages all assisted living care associates which consists of completing interim and annual evaluations timely and addressing performance concerns. She has to conduct monthly training, educational, and constructive meeting with assisted living care associate and attend …show more content…

Assisted living is there for those who are able to do most on their own but still need help doing some of their everyday activities. This department is in the health care field because a lot of people die because they fall or something happens when they are doing something they can’t necessarily do. So assisted living gives them the opportunity to still be independent but always have someone on site that can help when needed.
In Assisted Living, the older population is mainly the ones getting served here. The ages range, but you cannot live in Assisted Living at Wind Crest under the age of 65 (Erickson, 2016). The situation of each patient is different and every resident has a complex care plan. With each of the residents it is very important to know their updated care plan before even helping them. Other customers that are served at Wind Crest are families of residents. These are sometimes the most important customers that will come because they want to know if their loved ones are being taken care of …show more content…

It makes reality settle in thinking that I could be managing residents like that someday soon and it makes me excited. I would love to be an impact on residents lives daily and know that they are truly receiving the best of their end-of-life care. Everyone in this world grows old and you hope that you will be taken care of someday so why not pay it forward with working in the health care field while being young. In this field it is very clear that teamwork is a priority. There is never a decision made without associates confronting each other throughout the day. As there are many care associated that work together during the day, the manager was always around to help support them. It has been made clear that strong relationships are made with those who are working together and the residents. This is very important when it comes to this type of environment because a lot of people in the elderly population have a lot of grief with not being able to be fully independent. It is very important to make those residents feel like there is nothing wrong with them and that it is just another stage in life that we all will have to go through at some

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