Case Study: Assisted Living

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On March 15, 2016 at 4:34 am, I was notified by Elisha Smalls that she had discovered red spots on her arms and mid back and had an itch. The employee was instructed to leave the facility and see her physician as soon as possible and to follow-up regarding the visit. At 11:14am, the employee called back and stated she had chicken pox and was in contact a resident in ALF that had shingles. It was discovered that the employee di d work with the resident on 02/24/2016 and 02/25/2016.It was discovered on February 24, 2016; a resident in Assisted Living did exhibited signs and symptoms of possible shingles. The resident was seen by the Nurse Practitioner, Jody Eblen for a rash with pain, the resident was started treatment with antibiotics on

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