Effective Communication As A Medical Assistant Essay

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Medical Assistants are there to help patients reach their needs. A medical assistant understands the need for effective communication and applies it in their field of work. They know the importance of knowing how to read the non-verbal messages patients make and respond to the needs they express. These include gestures and facial expressions (Bonewit-West, K. 2009). Knowing effective communications skill help the Medical assistant to observe with close attention to the patient and their needs. Medical assistants have specifics skills that helps them to preformed a quality work. Good listening skills will lead to effective communication. As medical assistants, they actively listen to the patient, meaning that all of their attention has to focus on what the patient is saying (Bonewit-West, K, 2009). Medical assistants show compassion, empathy and sympathy for others, they bound a special connection with the patient so that the induvial can receive the same level of caring as any other patient (Maciejewski, 2007). Patient need to be heard and attended, what a best option than to have an effective Medical assistant to take care of the patient. Even though patients and medical assistant have a special bound there are boundaries that have to be observed. The medical assistant fulfills the rules and maintains a professional, friendly, simple and respectful …show more content…

In these case, the medical assistant is patient and kind at the response of the patient. They do not judge them or treated them improperly, they maintain their professionalism and thy to calm, support and help the patient in need (Maciejewski, 2007). The medical assistant is there to recall information, encourage and support the patient (Maciejewski, 2007). In me medical field, medical assistants do not minimize the significance of the disease or the procedure, instead they promote, and encourage patient to

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