Resident Assistant Interview Essay

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Holding an RHA position requires a plethora of skills in leadership, personal balance, academic balance, professional balance, and communication. Currently I am seeking a future in the Resident Assistant (RA) positon which will allow me to learn and utilize these skills when providing conflict resolution and creating relationships within my hall. In order to get a better understanding of many different aspects that go into being an RA, I interviewed a current RA named Bayleigh____ and asked her about the several different factors that relate to her personal life and the job itself. She explained her position and how it directly affected her life as a student as well as the personal challenges she faced regularly. The interview provided me with…show more content…
Bayleigh has proven to provide this when working with students different than herself. She realizes that maintaining an inclusive environment is imperative. However, when providing conflict resolution that revolves around ideals that directly relate to herself and the safety of the students, she realizes she will still hurt people’s feelings. Keeping an inclusive environment takes patience and empathy which is a learning process that every RA experiences. Being an RA also has its perks that make the entirety of the experience worth the challenges. For Bayleigh, the most satisfying ideals for her have been the appreciation she receives from the students. It gives her a sense of worth in the position as well as a deeper understanding of student diversity. RHA positions have requirements that can sometimes prove to be overwhelming when attempting to balance personal and academic needs. Finding this balance is crucial to the students and personal health. Bayleigh figured out this balance in different ways that directly related to her present situation. She realized the importance an RD plays when finding this balance. When she was an RA in Corbett her RD was very strict and had a huge
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