Doc Hata Interview Essay

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Caroline Cook November 9, 2015 ENG 101 In chapters 13 Doc Hata recalls having a feeling that Sunny was pregnant, around the same time she had Tommy. Sunny gives her father the chance to babysit Tommy after her babysitter cancelled on her. Sunny had a job interview for a manager’s position at a young girl/ preteens clothing store. Before the interview Doc Hata and Sunny end up speaking of the first time she was pregnant, which is something readers didn’t know previously. Sunny admits that one of the only reasons she wanted to keep the baby was because she knew that Doc Hata didn’t want her to keep it. In chapter 14 Doc Hata thinks about a time when he was sure that K had returned to him and was at his house, and then disappeared. He also …show more content…

Japanese tricked young girls by promising jobs and food. Young girls, as young as twelve years old were held at gun point and forced to leave their homes. None of the girls realized what they would really be doing. Upon arrival at comfort stations, girls would be expected to service up to 100 men a day for little or no pay. Sometimes they were gang raped and often sodomized. The hours were long, there was insufficient medical care, inadequate housing, limited freedom, and those that attempted escape were killed. (Chai, 70-71). Just like in the book, the comfort women were to be examined to make sure STD’s didn’t spread. Seeing as men were allowed one condom, that they were expected to wash and reuse, STD’s were a causality. I also found out that women were repeatedly injected with a chemical labeled "606" to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. The chemical 606 also destroyed the fertility of many women. Strictly under watch, the comfort women had very little chance of escape, and those who tried were either beaten or killed in horrendous ways to deter other women from trying. When a girl infected several men with a disease, a hot iron bar was placed over her vagina to "sterilize" her; when another girl tried to run away, she was drawn and quartered in front of the other comfort women as

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