Callings By Dave Odyssey

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Calling All Believers, Achievers, And Succeeders In the book Callings by Dave Isay, he presents stories about people doing what they love and overcoming struggle. Like Ayodeji Ogunniyi, Darlene Lewis, and Dekalb Walcott, whose story, inspire and motivates others to keep trying and never give up. If they really want to do something they 're passionate about, they should never let anything stop them. How many of you will do what it takes to accomplish your goals? Through their work, they learn perseverance, successfulness, and keeping the legacy alive. First, employment counselor Darlene Lewis talks with her employee and friend, James Taylor, about how his upbringings motivated him and inspired him to never give up until he succeeds. James …show more content…

talks with his son Dekalb Walcott III about their upbringings and the passion they both share as a firefighter. Dekalb Jr tells his on that he was very poor growing up and didn 't really have much and that his parents never even finished high school. Therefore, he decided to break the chain and go to college to become an attorney. But, he couldn 't get his head in the right space because he was thinking about providing a better life for his family. He then, came to the conclusion to become firefighter and he ended up loving the job. The fact that he was able to quit his dreams of becoming an attorney to provide a better life for his family shows the passion for a strong and happy family. As Dekalb III was growing up he saw his father as a great influence and wanted to grow up to be just like him. So at the age of 21, he followed his father 's footsteps and became a firefighter. This shows how big of an influence his father was to him and how he wanted to keep his legacy alive. In conclusion, you should always keep going until you succeed, always follow your dreams and use your negative aspects in life to motivate you, and keep your family legacies alive. “ You shoot for the stars, and if you land somewhere in between, you 're still in good shape,” stated by Dekalb Jr. which illustrates how you don 't have to accomplish your goal exactly, as long as you 're doing something that is beneficial to you, your goal has already been accomplished. The

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