I Pursue My Master Degree (JROTC)

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Improvement is something that is always welcomed in my family, my parents taught me to believe that you can be great but there is always room to be better. From a young age that has been instilled into my head and I continue to believe in it. From taking JROTC, the program has helped me to improve a lot over the two years. I began this year with low rated decision making and time management skills, this quarter I have improved. While I have improved in other areas I got worse in my self-esteem.
To begin, This year decision making has been very important for me. Having poor decision making skills was really not an option. In the past deciding something took so much effort and a lot of time. This year I learned that if you set up a thought out process then decision making should be easier. In making that process always be prepared for something to not go as originally planned, and keep in mind that not everything can be perfect. By taking this into consideration I improved greatly and make conscious decisions. I also took the course on Conover. …show more content…

This year I set out to improve this very important skill. Time management is a skill that will be important all throughout your life. In the past I use to just barely turn my assignments in by the deadline or even sometimes past it. I used a planner and reminders on my phone to help me with this. I was tired of always feeling rushed to finish assignments or even chores around my house that I googled ways to improve on not being distracted which contributed to my time management. I no longer use my phone during the hours I do my homework and that has led me to completing my assignments on time. I even have my parents take my phone if I feel it will be too much of a

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