Job Shadowing And Reflective Essay: The Key To Success

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I was in the car one morning with my mom, and I looked at her with these big eyes and said, “I’m a SENIOR”, and I started to cry. Knowing that I had one year left until I went out into the real world. Knowing that I wouldn’t have my teachers or my mom there to push me and to make sure I got things done. One year left until I went to college, one year left until I started to make my own decisions.

This year I have prepared myself for college and career readiness. Being able to manage my time is one major skill needed for college. Being able to write a letter to contact a business we would like to Job Shadow also prepares me to communicate with others which also helps me in the real world.

Having to go to school, practice for my SAT every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 4:30-6:30 for a whole month, having to go to church every Tuesday to help out …show more content…

Before we actually job shadowed a person in the career field we were interested in we had to write a letter asking if we could job shadow that specific person and to tell them why we were interested, and to let them know that if they allowed us to job shadow they would be helping us to make sure we were truly interested in that career field. I was interested because one day I would like to become a police officer or a member of S.W.A.T. Writing that letter made me feel older than I actually was. Writing that letter also prepared me for college and the career job I was interested in. I knew it was preparing me to become a police officer because police officers always have to write police reports when they stop someone and also when they have to go to court. In college I know we would also be having to write essays and other assignments that we would have to have a lot of experience

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