What I Learned In College Essay

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College is full of experience and to get that experience students need to get involved in campus and use all the resources that their campus offer. For my first semester at university I learned lots of information that helped me go through my first semester and I will keep using this resources until I graduate. and these resources are not just for school but also for my personal life. The first thing I have learned in college is how to manage my time and it's important to know that skill so that I would not waste time doing nothing and get schoolwork done and it won’t make me stressful because I have many assignment and project to do. and to always get done with my priority first which is my school work. for example, when I had few weeks …show more content…

it is better to ask for help then let stress affect me and my performance in classes. and counseling does really help because I was talking to someone new and they do not know anything about me and talking to a stranger did help me figure out what was wrong with me because I have to tell everything from the beginning and with new different opinion I was able to get over my stress. The eighth thing I learned is to always keep with me a small calendar to write everything down for example, and appointment, test date, assignment due date, etc. That way I would be more organized and get everything down by it due date. and that having only cell phone to write important appointment is not enough. The ninth thing I learned in college is to not procrastinate too much especially in the final few weeks, because that would alway give me a hard time in focusing on which assignment to do first. And it will leave my with load of work with little time in my hand. The tenth and the final thing that I learned in my first semester is that all my essaye that I would write in future must be writing in formal way. because I am a college student and I should start to write like a college student level and not high school

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