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On February 21, 2018, I had the opportunity to job shadow Ms. Drohn, the assistant professor in the school of nursing. The main reason why I choose to shadow Ms. Drohn was because I have been told by others that I will make a great teacher someday. I figured how bad could it be to experience what it is like to be a teacher. After all, my other main goal is to be a pediatric nurse so this worked out perfect because I get to experience what it is like to teach nursing students. Apart from that, I also what to shadow Ms. Drohn because I wanted to get insight into the different nursing fields available to nursing students at Liberty University. In addition, I wanted to grow my network with the professor at the school of nursing.
What I like the most about job shadowing Ms. Drohn was that I got the …show more content…

Drohn was that I got the chance to relearn type 1 and 2 diabetes myelitis. Last year in the fall of 2018, I remember not really wanting to attend my pathophysiology class. The class was stressful and I felt like a failure because I could not understand the lectures that were being taught. But shadowing Ms. Drohn, I liked how animated she was when teaching her students. She made certain not to move on to the next topic by assessing whether the students comprehend the lectured. She made relearning the topic very fun and pleasurable. My least favorite was when she called on me to answer questions pertaining to the lecture. I really did not like that at all.
In short, I am still very interested in becoming a nurse professor, maybe in near future. Even though my calling now is to be a nurse, I feel like being a professor that teach other students to help other in need is not a bad idea. Liberty University mission is to create Christ-centered men and women with values, knowledge, and skills essential to impact the world. Therefore, I stand by this mission to help other students so that they may help those less

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