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During my visit to Oak Crest Village, I had the pleasure of interviewing a retired nurse. To avoid releasing too much personal information, I will refer to my interviewee as Mrs. B. Mrs. B is a 76 years old female born in 1939 right here in the state of Maryland. She started her nursing education through a diploma program at Mercy Hospital. Mrs. B stated that her nursing program was on the job training. She spent little time in the classroom and the rest was all hands on training completed during patient care. After completion of her nursing diploma, Mrs. B attended University of Nursing Baltimore County (UMBC) to complete her Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Her class in 1966 was the first class to attend UMBC. Following completion …show more content…

B is a very independent elder. She currently resides in Oak Crest along with her husband and cat. What I’ve learned from Mrs. B is that the majority of the residents at Oak Crest made their own decision to become a resident at the Village. Prior to moving into the facility, Mrs. B and her husband owned a Condo in Glen Burnie, Maryland. In order to get around she would rely on friends and family to drive them to local markets and doctor appointments. Moving to the village has increased her physical activity and decreased her relying on others for help. She does not have to worry about leaving the facility unless she is receiving medical care outside of the facility. Oak Crest Village is very unique and accommodates Mrs. B everyday needs. She has access to a 24-hour fitness center, pub, library, indoor pool, pharmacy, banks, hair dresser, church, EMT services, and her primary care provider is located within the village. With all her needs within the facility, she states that she has become very active. She quilts and knits twice a week making blankets for third world countries, plays P Knuckle and Poker twice a week, and exercises three times a week along with water aerobics. She also attends catholic mass every Sunday at

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