I Want To Pursue My Role In Dominican's Society

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I would love to be a part of this prestigious organization, and I am honored for the consideration. One of the many reasons I would like to be accepted is because I have always had a passion to serve the community. I realized this in 2011, while spending three months in the Dominican Republic adopting my brother, Alex. Since then, I have become a life group leader of a four-year-olds Sunday school class at my church, Forest Hill. This opportunity has taught me about leadership and the need for role models in our community; particularly as it relates to children of a young age. Additionally, I enjoy the camaraderie of being a part of a team. Participating in the Community House Middle School production of Legally Blonde surrounded me with peers who had interests similar to my own. This led me to audition for the Community House drama teacher’s competition group, Honors Drama. Being a part of this team has helped me make many friendships and improved my talents. Through my participation in team experiences with cross country, tennis, theatre, and community service groups, I have learned that teamwork might not always be easy, but is necessary in order to achieve the group’s goals. …show more content…

I have always pushed myself to achieve academic excellence and enjoy the challenge of taking the high school level math and spanish classes that my school offers. I believe that hard work is an essential factor of successful person. In conclusion, I am honored to be considered and would love to be a participant of the National Junior Honors Society. My desire to serve, be a part of a team, and to learn throughout this process would make me an ideal candidate for this

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