Dave Eggers Serve Or Fail

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Gist Statement: “Serve or Fail”, a text written by Dave Eggers, published in the New York Times in 2004, argues that colleges should consider establishing a volunteer service requirement for students to graduate. Para. 1&2. Says: Dave Eggers reports that college students are done with finals, and are more than ready to break from school. Mr. Eggers questions if the students really deserve a break or not. Does: The author presents the calm with reasons. Para. 3. Says: Eggers explains how he became one of the top foosball players when he was in college. Does: Paragraph three supports the claim with examples of the steps Mr. Eggers have mastered to become the best. Para. 4. Says: The author feels as though college is too long and suggests that …show more content…

Para. 9. Says: The author suggests that the hours of service that the college students contribute could be traded for one class credit, with the maximum of three credits a year. Does: Dave Eggers presents his claim with suggestions upon which it is based. Para. 10. Says: The author feels as though, by turning their junior year into a year where they are doing community service work may help out with their academic hours in their schedules. Does: According to Eggers, he supports his claim with reasonable suggestions. Para. 11. Says: Dave Eggers states that no one would want to receive service work from someone who’s forced to do so. Does: Eggers questions the readers. Para. 12. Says: Eggers feels as though volunteering is a natural feeling of wanting to help others. Does: He supports his claim with reasoning. Para. 13. Says: Eggers suggests that since college is about accomplishing requirements, why not contribute to the world. Does: Eggers presents his claim with suggestions and reasoning to support. Para. 14. Says: Eggers states that the college students volunteering benefits them and the community Does: Eggers supports his claim with

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