P. S. 200 Reflection

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I began my volunteer experience at P.S.200 ever since the opportunity was available to me. For my volunteer work I have helped with movie nights, Parent Teacher Conferences, holiday parties and PTA meetings along with student of the month. Volunteering is a huge resource and support for the school community. As a volunteer at P.S.200 I have helped at the Halloween party followed by a movie. As part of my work, I helped set up the tables for the students to have fun and creative activities. I laid out construction paper, coloring sheets, markers, crayons, glitter, glue, pom poms, scissors and pencils. Then I would help set up the snacks and drinks. When it is time for the parents and students to come in I would assist a member of the faculty and collect the tickets. I would also have a sign-in sheet for the best costume and have every student who wants to participate write their name and give them a number. When every parent and student is accommodated for I would help refill the snacks and drinks. When the party is ending and the movie is starting I would assist a member of the faculty and help lead the parents and students to the auditorium for the movie. While the movie is playing I would help clean up the room. When the movie ends and the parents and students leave I would help clean up the auditorium. As a volunteer at …show more content…

Volunteering is an opportunity to make a lasting contribution in the community. Through this rewarding experience, I not only gained my service hours, but I also was able to contribute a connection with the faculty. I could always go back to them for additional support or advice. Interacting with them enhanced my communication skills. Despite all of this, I noticed how much I enjoyed interacting with children and the faculty. Overall, this experience has been one I enjoyed and plan to continue volunteering to make a difference in the

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