Asam 100 Reflection

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ASAM 100 has been one of the most insightful classes I have taken in college—so far! Through this class, I was able to learn a great deal about my culture and about myself as a person. In retrospect to my first “Why ASAM?” essay, I still believe that it is important for everybody to learn about their culture sometime throughout their life. I was able to learn about various topics such as: the issues of my culture, the traditions of my culture, how others view individuals of my culture, and more. Throughout this class, I learned about the Model Minority Myth and its effect on individuals of Asian background, I learned about issues that other Asian Americans faced through the video, Asian American Voices, and I learned to grow as a writer. Throughout this semester, I learned about the model minority …show more content…

Whenever I heard stereotypical phrases such as: “Of course you’re smart—you’re Asian!” and “No wonder you’re good at math! You’re Asian,” I felt as though they were merely compliments. Before taking ASAM 100, I never realized the damage that the stereotypes were causing to various individuals of the Asian American community. Growing up in the heart of a Vietnamese community, Westminster, California, I was never aware about the issues behind the model minority myth. Since the people around me were mainly Asian, I never realized that numerous people from other ethnicities categorized all Asians as smart and academically successful individuals—through the model minority myth. I simply viewed Asians as regular people—some being more academically superior while some others were more academically inferior. The most important issue I learned about the model minority myth was that it caused conflict to numerous individuals of Asian descent who did not fit the stereotype. As many people, including individuals of Asian descent, continue to spread the model minority myth, people who do not resemble the

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