Model Minority Myth Research Paper

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As a result of the segregation from other races, Asian Americans have typically kept to themselves and are focused on becoming successful. In addition to the political absence of Asians extending beyond other races, the persistent model minority myth is an accepted truth within the community itself. While the stereotupe is a complete myth, it has been so embedded that even Asian Americans start to believe it, making them and other believe that Asians are the only minority that have endowed the key to success in America. Asians are not only placed in the shadows, but they also choose to stay; many are too comfortable with their successful personal lives, to the extent of neglecting the matters of other Asians ethnicities. Additionally, Asians are perceived to be traditionally passive, giving an almost filial piety towards white people in hopes of having the same privileges. This explains why 29.4% of Trump voters were Asians, even though he did not have a campaign that specifically geared towards them (NYTIMES). In more cases than not, he continuously belittled China and Korea with his xenophobic rhetoric, but many Asians continued to support him. The phenomenon of the model minority myth is perpetuated by its own …show more content…

More importantly, Asians must start affiliating themselves as part of a larger community of color. Minorities should not be competing to get the most attention; oppression knows no boundaries. It is imperative to unify marginalized groups in order to consult solutions from different perspectives, rather than being ineffectively segregated. How the Asian narrative is told and often not taken into consideration is a core challenge, but nonetheless, Asian Americans are capable of overcoming with the same resilience they had to be throughout their forgotten

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