Volunteering In High Schools

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Have you ever volunteered in your community? Maybe you helped at a dog shelter or picked up trash alongside the road. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Teenagers (16- to 19-year olds) continued to have a relatively high volunteer rate, at 26.4 percent.” Volunteering helps build character. Volunteering in high school benefits students in the future, for instance job hiring and college scholarships. Community service also brings learning outside of school. These are reasons why high school students must complete community service hours in order to graduate. Volunteering helps build character. Community service can make students feel they can make a difference in the world. It can boost their self confidence. Through community service, students can grow their problem solving skills. Community service also teaches teamwork and responsibility. Volunteering can also teach leadership and communication skills. It can make the students more accountable and disciplined. …show more content…

Volunteering makes students have a better opportunity for acquiring a job. According to Youth Volunteer Corporations, “volunteers have a 27% higher chance of finding a job after being out of work than non-volunteers.” Volunteering can also give them new relations in their community. This can strengthen their ties within their community. If a student might want to be more involved in their community in the future, they will already have a group of people to support and help them. Volunteering can help students earn scholarships. They can have impressive and reliable letters of recommendation for college from the organizations or people they volunteered

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