My Duties To America Essay

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My Responsibilities to America
As President Ronald Reagan once said, “We’re blessed with the opportunity to stand for something- for liberty and freedom and fairness - and these things are worth fighting for, worth devoting our lives too.” As Americans, we have many privileges that other countries do not have. These freedoms define us as a nation. They as the foundation that America was built on, and play a large role in our everyday lives without us realizing. As citizens to this great country, we must uphold our freedoms by fulfilling our civic responsibilities. As a young adult, my civic responsibilities include obeying laws and authority, respecting the flag and veterans, community service, and being informed of local, state, and national government, respecting the rights, beliefs, and opinions of others, and preserve the greatness of our nation for future generations.
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Veterans are the men and women who sacrificed so much of their freedom so that we can enjoy our freedom. Some may even sacrifice their lives for each one of us. By honoring veterans, we are acknowledging their sacrifice for us. We should also work to support military families during times of deployment of a loved one. Military families also make sacrifices for us. The American flag is a symbol of our nation’s strength and liberty. By respecting the flag, we respect the freedom of our nation and the principles it was built on.
Community service is another important responsibility to our country. By being active in our community, we show our support to our neighbors and our community. In community service, we can also work to improve our community in various ways. When people and organizations begin to better their communities, they begin to better our nation. By improving one community, a person can influence others to better their own communities. Community service can spread across the nation to better all

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