Rotary Student Of The Month Application Essay

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Rotary Student of the Month Application
Today’s youth face many problems. An ally and enemy that faces today’s youth is technology. For example, smartphones take away from daily life and crucial life skills. Everyone texts their friends now and communication is situated around texts and phone calls. Face-to-face communication rarely happens and if it does, we lack the skills to carry out a successful and fruitful conversation.
In the winter of 2014, I was put in charge of organizing teenagers to help ring bells for Salvation Army in an effort to involve youth (previously, all of the volunteers were adults). By inviting friends and peers, I was able to take their eyes away from their bright LCD screens and put their energy and mind on a good cause. After volunteering, many told me that they would love to do it again, and that next time, they would try different things, like singing and passing out candy to appeal to a larger audience; one even …show more content…

During the first few times, my friends were very quiet and shy. But in a few weeks, my friends had no problem communicating with them face-to-face. I noticed that my friends were more respectful, friendly, and welcoming to elders and teachers. Not only did I see this drastic change in my peers, but I also noticed this in myself, too. The first few meetings were awkward, and it was just two hours of silence, but after a while, it became easier to break the silence. I would ask them about their day, learn more about their hobbies, and sometimes, I even gained some important advice on life. I was able to make new, healthy relationships with people outside of school and outside of my comfort zone. Although this may seem like a small achievement, this change shows that community service helps develop communication skills. After all, communication is the key to success in one’s future, as many

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