Essay On The Effects Of Technology On Society

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Effects Technology Has on Society Technology has been rapidly taking over the universe day by day. In such a brief amount of time, I have seen the world transition from what it was when I was a little girl to what I see turned into today. When I was young I would play outside. Kids nowadays stay indoors on their Ipads, iPhones, laptops, etc, held prisoner to the screens on their devices rather than appreciating the light from the sun itself. I myself fall into the category described as those who spend too much time on their phone. Isolating myself by engaging in the internet world has caused me to be closed off from my family and friends. It’s a character flaw that I don’t enjoy having for myself and it is something that I try to steer away from. The internet has left a negative impact on humans rather than the positive outcome people may portray it to withhold. As I observe what I see around me, there are many instances involving technology. There are kids who sit in front of televisions, students who attend school but are mentally absent due to their cellular device, friends who sit around “watching t.v” with a phone in front of their face, or even sitting at the dinner table trying to conversate with walls that have thumbs and phones. I see people texting each other while they are …show more content…

In relationships, couples can communicate if they don’t get to see eachother on a regular basis, allowing them to keep the romance alive. Phones provide a quick access to communicate with friends/family that may be long distance and to ensures safety. If a child is running late or there 's an emergency then they can call/text a legal guardian or parent for help. If there is distance relatives you never see you can communicate through messages or phone calls. Friends can also use internet to talk and keep in touch or plan things out. This is nice to have because it helps keep the relationships

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