DBQ Essay: Technology And The Development Of Society

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As we can see in our studies, the role of technology and sources has changed tremendously over time and the development of society has changed as well due to the resources now available. As we take a look at all these documents we can see how each one has affected each other to help grow a society
As we take a look at documents 1 and 3 we can see that education and using resources was very important because it led to the teaching of many important studies helping to develop boys many different teachings to survive and help make a living. One of the many important things in document 3, is all of the different crafts being taught to these young boys that could relate to document 1 where they are able to use the special maguey plant and their …show more content…

I think that these two documents could be tied into 1 and 3 for the fact that all these are sources used to help survive and grow a society and also what would have better helped them is having the resources to plant and harvest more than just corn like we do today now we have more than just corn we have from vegetables to fruits and cotton which is depended on today in our society for quality of clothing. Another document that would tie into this would be document 4 for the reason it having to relate to astronomy. Thought not much is said about document 4 we know that it has to deal the movement of the celestial bodies as an astronomer and this would happen better back then if they had the technology we do now to predict weather that could either effect or benefit crop

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