Summary Of A Place Where The Sea Remembers By Sandra Benitez

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In the story, “A Place Where the Sea Remembers” by Sandra Benitez, every character faces major difficulties of some sort. From Marta being raped to Don Justo’s daughter dying, there are twists and turns around every corner. A topic the author brushes upon is education and where it lies in society. By getting an education, anyone can acquire more wealth and can be useful in day to day life. “A boy’s education is very important” (Benitez 73). There is also the population who can not simply afford to get an education. This is where Benitez’s message on education starts to form and the audience is faced with conflicting sides of education or staying to support. The author’s message about education is that it is essential and very beneficial to anyone, which is shown in the scenario with Ines and Rafael, Beto and the teacher, as well as Candelario’s comments on education. When Rafael teaches Ines how to read and write is the perfect example of education helping the youth. In this scenario, it shows how Ines wants to get an education, thus supporting the author’s message even more. “I want you to teach me” (Benitez 69). Ines is part Indian, which lessens her opportunities of an education, but the author wants to show the reader that anyone can achieve an education. By Ines being brave and asking Rafael to teach her shows her willingness to learn and also demonstrates how much education is wanted in poor countries. In the United States, the people tend to take education for
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