The Impact Of Thomas Jefferson On The Presidency Of Linocln And Washington

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Of the many great presidents, Thomas Jefferson was the strongest. Not only was he a great president, but he also was able to be so involved with teh New American Union even after his time in office. He was on eof the first philosophical thinkers that helped for the foundations of the country, he launched the library of congress, and was the one to provide the inspiration and the funding for the Lewis and Clark Expedition, all of which are important factors to every day life even today. Both Linocln and Washington were among the great presidents as well. Lincoln for example "made a stand against the popular opinion of the time, a decision that would divide the nation" (Emily Stone) about slavery that did significantly impact America. Washington …show more content…

an example of this is the decleration of Independence. this document is such a key detail in American history, and was a main starting point for the country's fragil goverment to be based upon. Another important factor that shaped America as how it is today was the American Library system that allowed "citizens of any community to access large volumes of infromation at no cost". The public librarys are still very much in affect to day, and are a major aid to giving the public availability to knowlege at their fingertips. Something that until then would'nt have been possible. As well as laying ideologiacl foundations of America, and creating the American Library System, Jefferson also was a main component to The Lewis and Clark Expedition that was responsible for discovering cast new lands and treasures in the heartland of America" (Sandra Jabonson). Not only did he provide the inspiration, and funding, but he was also the person who helped push it into action. Because of their expedition, the country became a place of inspiration to people as the sheer size alone provided endless possibilities for people to imagine, all due to

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