Comparing The Presidency Of Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, And George Washington

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Throughout the course of American history, many powerful presidents have risen up. These people have completely changed the American lifestyle, mindset, and idea as to what a powerful leader should be. Three of these presidents are Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington. Of these three, Abraham Lincoln is the strongest because of his eagerness to create massive change within the country and his steadfast adherence to what is right and good for the people.

Abraham Lincoln led the country through his powerful motivation and dedication to what is right. Undaunted by descending voices of selfish gain, Abraham Lincoln stuck to his words that he knew would lead to a better nation. One such example was his willingness to appoint …show more content…

Thomas Jefferson is quoted as “one of the great heroes” (Jacobson 1) throughout the American Revolution. Jefferson is revered for his intellectual prowess and service to the nation over many years. But none of these traits actually made him a strong President, or even a strong leader. Many of his reforms and actions were not done throughout the time of his presidency. In fact his biggest reforms throughout his presidency were related to expansion such as the “Lewis and Clarke Expedition”(Jacobson 5) and the Louisiana Purchase. While these were major reforms, neither of these things required much strength or leadership skill, like that which Lincoln displayed. On the other hand Washington showed excellent leadership skill. His prowess as a military general was proven “on the field of battle”(Weston 4) during the Revolutionary War. His moral compass was another admirable trait of the leader Washington. Washington set the precedent for future presidents through the “tradition”(Weston 3) of only running for two terms in office. However, Washington did not show the aptitude for change displayed by Lincoln. Lincoln was willing to go against large masses of people in order to stay on the path to what was morally correct. He was also able to make great changes in times of great need, while others couldn’t even fathom such bold claims. It was the combination of powerful morality and eagerness to create change that made Lincoln as powerful as a president, more so then both Jefferson and

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