Why Is Franklin D Roosevelt Considered The Most Effective Presidents

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Presidents have played innumerable roles throughout the course of history, but their effectiveness is often debated. Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Franklin D. Roosevelt are commonly considered the most effective presidents. They have made the country an improved place and advanced it in countless ways; however, one president stands above the rest. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the best US president because he allowed the government to have a more active role in the economy and connected with each individual. Roosevelt persuaded Congress into passing bills that allowed the federal government to actively work towards the management of the security of the economy. The Agricultural Adjustment Administration, the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, and the Social Security Act of 1935 were instrumental in securing the economy. The Agricultural Adjustment Administration paid farmers to reduce production of crops, which raised the prices. The increase in prices gets more money flowing into the economy and keeps …show more content…

"Happy Days are Here Again" was a song that Roosevelt used during his campaign to let the US know that he was going to lead the country to better times. Although there had been struggles, he conveyed a positive message of hope. The banks were struggling, and Roosevelt wanted to ensure that the problem was under control and did not get worse. His way of avoiding panic and a run on the banks was a bank holiday and the famous fireside chats. He talked to the people as if he were their friend, instead of their president. The fireside chats allowed the country to understand what was occurring and how they should handle it. By remaining calm in the crisis, Roosevelt showed Americans that they did not have to worry. Roosevelt served his country by protecting Americans, their economy, and their

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