Accomplishments Of Theodore Roosevelt

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“To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.”
–Theodore Roosevelt. Before his rise to presidency of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt held various leadership positions outside of politics. In 1888 after not being successful in running for mayor of New York City, Roosevelt was appointed to the U.S. Civil Service Commission as a commissioner, where he was reappointed in 1893. He fully backed and enforced civil service laws, even with little to no support from politicians that sought to turn a blind eye to law in favor of patronage. During his term he cleaned up the police corruption with the board and strictly enforced laws banning alcohol sales on the Sundays. Within two years from his position on the cities …show more content…

With citizens looking for ways to address the issues, Roosevelt was empowered by the people to take action to give assurance of social justice, and economic opportunity under government regulation. He was a firm believer in reformation to prevent socialism. Yet he understood where he needed to compromise to execute his ideas. Roosevelt kept within boundaries of McKinley’s policies and was able to work amongst congressional Republicans to the G.O.P nomination for President in
1904. Theodore Roosevelt believed that big business was a natural part of having a successful economy and to protect the welfare of the society.
Roosevelt though for big business make many enemies when persuaded congress to create a Bureau of Corporations to oversee them, then brought an antitrust suit against J.P.
Morgan’s Securities Corporations. This didn’t sit well with Morgan who lashed out at the president. Soon after this ordeal the president went on and filed suit against over forty major corporations during his term. Roosevelt valued the poor and middle class both which included working class people. He passed laws to make sure the food and drugs sold in the marketplace were safe by all guidelines and regulations. Roosevelt believed in a society where business profited is fair …show more content…

Later on would come the Santo Domingo crisis, where Roosevelt took immediate action to bring forth stability and common grounds. The Monroe Doctrine was issued stating that the US would not accept European intervention in the US. Only to intervene on any Latin American country that had major economic problems that would cause us to be targets of European invention.
Roosevelt was so successful during his term of presidency because, he thought outside of other legislators and congress. Which threw red flags and angered them because he was sought to be too individualistic. Which raised issues between congress and Roosevelt specifically because he was an action individualistic while congress would have long drawn out decisions on laws that needed to be passed & just too slow dealing with matters at hand. Roosevelt did a lot of "trust-busting" due to ineffective measures taken before him. He was smart in dealing with everything through his own vision and not being corrupted.
“I did not usurp power, but I did greatly broaden the use of executive power. In other words, I acted for the public welfare, I acted for the common wellbeing of all our people, whenever and in whatever manner was necessary, unless prevented by direct constitutional or legislative prohibition.” –Theodore

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