Roosevelt And Hoover's Impact On The Great Depression

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Economic involvements had a bigger impact on the great depression.The great depression was a time of need for the Americans. Due to the supplies and accessories shipped out during the war, America was low on supplies, money and control, and president Herbert Hoover did very little in an attempt to overcome this problem. Men and women were driven into what were called Hoovervilles, which was a collection of teepee huts gathered together to make a community. Just as the people thought they had hit rock bottom, a switch of presidents helped make all the difference. president Franklin D Roosevelt passed law after law in order to help America gain back its economic worth. In the following paragraphs, Both Roosevelt and Hoover 's best and worst achievements…show more content…
According to Two presidents and the great depression it says, “The FERA (Federal Emergency Relief Administration) was created to funnel money to the states so they could rapidly create jobs for the unemployed.” Roosevelt put together this program in order too help create more jobs, and get money trafficked through states again. Not only this, but according to Two presidents and the great depression, “The AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Act) addressed farm problems by paying farmers to hold part of their land out of production and having the government buy the surplus at a fair price. This law saved millions of farmers from bankruptcy.” This act helped too raise more crops and it helps so that farmers didnt go bankrupt due to the busnisses they sell too are…show more content…
According to Two Presidents and the great depression, “He then asked them to keep up production and not to lay off workers or cut wages. He asked neighbors to help one another and not rely on government aid. He thought that people would voluntarily act in a fundamentally altruistic way, and that this would help end the Depression.” This talks about how president Hoover tried to get the community too try and aid each other and that they could get out of the Great Depression in a more individual way. According to two presidents and the Great Depression, “On Saturday, the president reopened the banks that had been judged sound. On Sunday, he addressed the nation in the first of his famous “fireside chats.” From his studio in the White House, the president explained his actions of the previous week and appealed to all Americans to return their money to the banks” This explains how after Roosevelt reopened the banks, he talked to the people of America and told them that their money would be safe, and that it wont have a bad effect on them. Although this is good arguement, social is still better becuase according to two presidents and the great depression, “By Wednesday, March 15th, $50 million more that had been withdrawn since the first of the year was returned, and by the end of June more than $2 billion was safely back in vaults.” This talks about how
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