President Herbert Hoover's Impact On The Great Depression

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Economic involvements had a bigger impact on the great depression.The great depression was a time of need for the Americans. Due to the supplies and accessories shipped out during the war, America was low on supplies, money and control, and president Herbert Hoover did very little in an attempt to overcome this problem. Men and women were driven into what were called Hoovervilles, which was a collection of teepee huts gathered together to make a community. Just as the people thought they had hit rock bottom, a switch of presidents helped make all the difference. president Franklin D Roosevelt passed law after law in order to help America gain back its economic worth. In the following paragraphs, Both Roosevelt and Hoover 's best and worst achievements will be broadcasted and compared, to see who had a greater impact during the great depression. There are two things president Herbert Hoover did that proves that economic involvements had the biggest impact on the great depression. According to “Two presidents and the great depression” under the trickle down headline, “ Hoover now asked Congress at least to save the major economic institutions of the land: banks, insurance companies, railroads, etc. Congress responded by establishing the Reconstruction Finance Corporation and signed a bill authorizing $2 billion in spending in order to save businesses.” This shows that Hoover brought the actions to congress in order to save some businesses to help restore people’s confidence.
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