Benefits Of Volunteering To The Towson Community

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Experience, according to Shakespeare, is “the teacher of all great things.” The best benefit about an experience is that its gains are not restricted to only one person. Not only can one gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding from experience, but one can also use these experiences to reach and encourage others. Through my experiences in volunteering, sports, work, and life, I have become a contributor, collaborator, communicator, challenger, and enlightener. I am constantly trying to help and empower others, and I am excited to use my voice and experiences to contribute to the Towson community by introducing diversity, encouraging and motivating others with my life stories, and helping to challenge others to improve in particular areas of …show more content…

By being exposed to people from different cultures and backgrounds, students may become more accepting of people with different backgrounds and cultures and want to gain more insight about them, which then enhances their social development and enriches their perspective. I am African, and much to my surprise, many Africans in America are not aware of their African heritage. If they are not aware of their own culture, then non-Africans have a greater chance of not knowing about African culture. I would love to participate in the African Diaspora Club (ADC) at Towson and help encourage awareness. I love enlightening people about the African culture and would inform people of interesting things, such as the Ghanaian naming system. In my native country, Ghana, names are given based on the day which one was born or the names of dead relatives who are deemed to have had a good, honorable name. My native name, MaameAfua, originates from the Akan language: Maame means “mother,” while Afua means “born on Friday.” It is very uncommon to find a Ghanaian whose name does not reflect the Ghanaian naming system. In order to make one's name more unique, one can add anything to the names based on the day, for example, …show more content…

I love giving back to my community and am ready to give back to the Towson community by being a volunteer whenever and wherever I can and by challenging others to improve. When I went to Towson’s Open House, I saw how beautiful the campus was and how it was filled with people that seemed enthusiastic and eager just to be there. I realize that it takes work and dedication to maintain the campus. Therefore, I am prepared to help maintain the campus by participating in Adopt-A-Campus and by volunteering for First Fridays. While volunteering within Towson, I will also help the community by volunteering off-campus. Volunteering will help me make new friends, increase social skills, and learn valuable job skills. When I was in first grade, I had a struggle reading in English and took The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). ESOL helped me become familiar with the English language and benefited me a lot. I would like to work with the Reading Partners and help kids who, like me, need help

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