Pros And Cons Of World Hunger

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Our world has been struggling with hunger for a while, but why doesn 't anyone put an end to it? There are people who are dying of hunger while we sit down for three big, fat meals each day. And if we don 't finish one of those meals, we just throw them away. We could be saving lives, but instead, we just throw that opportunity away. Do you ever even give starvation a thought? In order to stop world hunger, we need more organizations and food drives to provide food for hungry people.
Let 's look into the pros and cons of our first solution which is that we need more organizations to distribute food to other parts of the world. Some more organizations like The Hunger Project and Bread For The World are needed in this world. These …show more content…

A third solution is teaching people how to grow food in their specific environment. If hungry people could just grow their food it would be much easier. Here are some pros to this solution, It would reduce the amount of hunger in this world, it would teach other people how to care for themselves, and it would provide jobs for people who can teach others. Sadly, there are also some cons to this solution. A few of them are that farming takes up land, flying people to other parts of the world to teach them is expensive, we would have to install irrigation systems, and people may fight over farmland. If everyone had their own farm, that would take over the entire country.
After looking at my three solutions, I realize how big of an issue world hunger is. You can 't just wipe it out with one solution. I think that the best option is to use all three solutions to try to get rid of hunger. I have recently found out how horrifying and heartbreaking hunger can be in the world. If our generation doesn’t do anything about this huge problem, who will? Did you know that the majority of hungry people in the world are women? Also, most hunger in the world is in countries who are struggling in war or ethnic conflict. We need to do something about this

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