Homeless People In America

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Homeless people all around the world are starving and nobody is doing anything about it. Homelessness is defined as a person who "lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate night-time residence( Facts and Figures: The Homeless)
They are starving because of the poverty in the world, the whole world 's population, and community 's pretending not to see it happening . Poverty is a big thing that affects homelessness in the U.S("Why Are People Homeless?",July ). The population increases every day and that makes the world more populated and creates more homeless people. Worldwide, homelessness is caused by a breakdown in traditional family support systems, continued urbanization, and the effects of structural adjustment programs, civil wars, and natural disasters(Effects of Poverty, Hunger and Homelessness on Children and Youth)
Poverty around the world is affecting the world in a lot of different ways such as through society and malnutrition. According to a study in the 1996 United Nations report five million people worldwide Bahamas or resided in low quality homes and …show more content…

People in the community look the other way or overall pretend that they do not see the man on the side of the road needing money or food to survive theses days. However when, in the next few days, the man is gone, they are going to worry and think "man I should have helped him " . Some of the ways in which homelessness impacts society are the amount of money the tax payers spend to give these individuals support services and programs in order for the individuals to survive( Impact of Homelessness, 2015). In most communities, they do not give them jobs because of their living situation or even how they look or smell. They do not let them get the education that they might need to become not homeless because of how they look but that is all they have. The people in the community sit around and take stuff for granted and homeless people sit there and disappear and maybe even die of starvation ,cold

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