Lost Angels: Skid Row

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Lost Angels: Skid Row is My Home was indeed an insightful documentary. Prior to reading about Skid Row in Module 7.3 (Buns, 2013) and watching this documentary, I did not know that Skid Row’s purpose was to keep the homeless population concentrated in certain areas away from the rest of society, so no one is bothered by their presence. This practice of dropping off homeless people to get rid of them is not only inhumane but proves how little society really cares about the homeless population, particularly for the mentally ill. Unfortunately, police-dumping is not just a method employed by the police department, but hospitals have been involved in discharging mentally ill patients and transporting them out of their facilities without following…show more content…
This is one of those problems that instead of finding solutions for, most people are “sweeping this problem under the rug” and finding “quick fixes”. The homeless population will continue to be victimized unless we change our attitude towards homeless people. We need to view them as fellow human beings who deserve a place in society. I think you made a great point by saying that “understanding the reasons behind them being homeless” because, in my opinion, that is one the biggest problems. We do not care enough or understand their situation; it is a lot simpler to blame poverty and homelessness on poor people. Criminalizing the poor for sleeping outside, or for sitting in areas where they are not welcome are now crimes imposed on people living in the street simply for being homeless. This course definitively enhanced my knowledge about the technicalities that take place in the police department. I said it before and say it again, I do appreciate them for keeping us safe and respect the work they do. However, the way I felt about them when we first started the semester is the same way I feel
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