Image Of Homelessness

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In this essay, I am analyzing one picture for the topic of homelessness. This image illustrates homelessness in a grey setting with an emotional landscape of a teenager pant’s from the waist down displaying a styrofoam cup between the teenager’s sneakers. A cardboard sign that states, “Homeless. Hungry. Sick & tired. Anything helps. I have no one. From my heart, I thank you.” The image grabs my attention because this caught an emotional side, yet this makes me wonder what could I do to help someone that is in this position?
Everyday someone becomes homeless, found on the street with no help from anyone. This picture resembles how pathos, ethos, and logos the three components of persuasion are shown through the image because this tells a …show more content…

People that are homeless or become homeless today, experience so much they are not sure what to do because they think they do not have help from anyone or somewhere to sleep. Adults are not the only people that become homeless, teenagers become homeless as well because before they turn 18 some will run away from home at least one time. While these people are sitting on the street, they experience numerous things such as abuse from other people, drugs, unemployment or not able to find a job, etc. Everyday when people drive or walk by someone thats is homeless, glancing at their sign reading what it says to make them feel sad for them. However, by doing something small for them makes an impact in someone else’s eyes.
In the picture that I have chosen the color grey represents the sadness of this topic because seeing this image makes me wonder how can things be better for this teenager and what can be different for them in their life? The focal point, background, movement, etc. sets the tone and mood for this picture because when people see images like this, many things may come across their minds like unanswered questions or

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