Homeless People In Poverty Essay

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Naturally solving the poverty problem before it leads to homelessness is a daunting task. For the financial consequences/costs it would take both state and city officials to put restrictions on specific areas where homeless people can reside which can control where the most homeless people can be keeping areas from being thrashed, littered on, and ultimately destroyed by the squatters residing there. Pre Homeless solutions can be for people experiencing poverty to seek guidance from a financial advisor before becoming homeless or securing a new job. The homeless who commit crimes need to face harsher punishment when committing multiple felonies, community service would be a very lenient punishment but it can be used to clean up the areas where mass homeless reside, it would be free labor. For cities who are spending large quantities of money attempting to …show more content…

Being evicted obviously is another reason behind why people in poverty can go homeless simply put one being removed from their housing and not having anywhere else to live is homelessness. One other reason is being in an argument or conflict with a family member or person one could live with. Finally for these reasons, job loss which ultimately prevents one from paying either rent or mortgage as well as any other bill directed toward their house and life. These reasons were recorded by Downtown Streets Team on their “Causes [of homeless]” article. There are a number of ways to go about solving the problems people have both before and after becoming homeless. For people who are injured they can file for disability and receive compensation for their financial expenses. People who have a broken marriage where it appears divorce is in the future they can try to make peace with their soon to be ex-spouse and try to negotiate a fair deal on who gets what, or they can sign a premarital agreement to cover which assets

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