What Does Rhetoric Mean To Me

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What does rhetoric mean to me? What values does it contain? Why do I use it in my writing? Without Rhetoric, literature would become meaningless, flawed, and drab. To me, rhetoric brings the beauty in a paper or a piece of writing, and to abstain from using these rhetorical choices, would result in a non-effective piece of writing. After all, rhetoric is “the art of effective communication”, but it doesn’t end there. There are a myriad of rhetorical strategies which can be utilized in any form of writing, one of these is style. Style is unique, as there are many forms that can be used in a piece of writing: syntax, figurative language, diction, parallel structure and repetition, to name a few. Style is not the only rhetorical strategy used, additional rhetorical concepts and strategies, such as ethos, pathos, logos, invention, delivery, and many more are employed; but when I think rhetoric, I think style. …show more content…

It showcases the author’s emotions, individuality and purpose. So when I write and when I read, I pay close attention to style. A good piece of writing and a great piece of writing could be separated by one thing- stylistic choices. In my writing I use repetition quite often, and if utilized correctly, it can have a powerful effect on the reader. It can draw the reader into the text. It can secure emphasis. It can add a more powerful meaning to an idea, but only if the reader lets it. To me, the rhetorical strategy of repetition can have a great influence and is one of the most effective strategies to be

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