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One of the most significant arguments that historians make in regards to the uniqueness of the Holocaust, is that it was an event that was ‘unlike’ any other event or genocide in history. The fact that it was unlike any other event, seems to allude to the belief that it cannot be compared to any other event like it. Consequently, it could be said that because of the belief that the Holocaust is ‘incomparable’ and ‘unlike’ any other event in history, there is a strong case for historians who subscribe to the theory that it is inherently unique. In saying this, however, it should be pointed out that, before one agrees to the theory of the Holocausts uniqueness, they should first ask themselves what makes the Holocaust unlike or incomparable to other events in history, and furthermore, how do these differences equate to its uniqueness? Similarly, before one begins their research in the hopes of discovering whether or not the Holocaust was indeed unique, it is also important to remember that historians claiming its uniqueness are not (in most cases) implying that those who …show more content…

According to ( ) in () “The uniqueness of the Holocaust does not ... lie in numbers. It does not lie in the method of mass murder ... What makes it unique is the existence of two elements: planned total annihilation of a national or ethnic group, and the quasi-religious, apocalyptic ideology that motivated the murder.” As mentioned earlier, there have been other cases of mass-murder other than the ones that happened in Nazi Germany that targeted specific social, ethnic and religious groups. To add to this, there have also been cases of such atrocities where Governments have used similar systems and technologies to carry out acts of murder and

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