Christopher Hibbert's View Of The American Revolution

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In this fresh, captivating narrative, Christopher Hibbert reveals the realities of a war that raged the length of an entire continent. It was a war where thousands of George Washington’s fellow countrymen condemned and that he came close to losing. Based on various sources, character sketches and eyewitness accounts- Redcoats and Rebels presents a vivid and convincing picture of the harsh war that changed the world forever. This interesting book takes readers through the familiar chronology from the English point of view.
The book gives the reader a vivid picture of the American Revolution and get a feel as to what it was like during the 1700s. While reading the book I could see a clear picture of what was happening as if I was actually there. I feel author Christopher is giving the readers a unique twist on the history of the American Revolution. In the book author Christopher doesn’t favor the Americans when telling the story of the war. Instead, he writes the book using the perspective of the British. As I read the book I noticed author Christopher doesn’t present the events in favor of the British, but he uses a particular point of view of the war that helps the reader recognize the basic story. …show more content…

This book helped me to get a clearer picture and better knowledge as to what actually happen then what other history books have been written. Most history books I came across treated the British army as being clumsily led and worked with nothing but mercenaries. Redcoats and Rebels shows that British army had several skilled officers leading them. For example, his interpretation of generals like Carleton and Clinton and their defense of Canada shows that British officers were professional and were well respected in their day and

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