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Building a nation from scratch to the point where it is able to sustain itself in terms of governance, trade and many other aspects that make up a nation requires a lot struggle. The United States of America, which is currently considered the superpower of all the nations of the world, is not an exception. In fact, it can be used as a perfect example to explain the struggle that many countries have gone through to achieve their current status. It has gone through war to gain their independence from the colonial rule, and they have also fought different wars after that. Among them is the war of 1812 of which many have termed as the second war of independence. It is true that to get whatever you want; you have to be ready to fight for it. In this paper, we are going to have a look at the contributing factors that made the people of America rise against various foreign entities and fight them in the war that is now known as the American War of 1812. After independence, the people of America …show more content…

Calhoun and Henry Clay, who was known in Congress to be war hawks. Based on the violation by the British on maritime laws and rights they decided to speak of war in Congress. They also pointed at the British interference with the American internal affairs such as the encouragement of the Native Americans to resist American expansion to the west. This was brought about by one William Henry Harrison, who convinced many natives, including Tecumseh a celebrated Shawnee chief that they needed the help of the British. The pressure in Congress was mounting, and much more joined the War Hawks in trying to convince the President who was really giants it. James Madison, who was the president then bowed down to the excess pressure from Congress and decided to declare war. He signed a declaration of war against the British on June 18th, 1812

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