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The War of 1812 was pretty eventful. Some of the main reasons it started was because the British were capturing American sailors and making them work for them, and they wanted American ships to stop in Britain and pay a tax if they wanted to share merchandise with any other European countries. This obviously made James Madison, the president at the time, mad so then he told Congress that he wanted to declare war. At first congress said no, but eventually Madison got his war. The troops were lead by William Henry Harrison in 1811 in The Battle of Tippecanoe. While this was going on, pressure was being out on Madison to declare war on the Britains. Finally on June 18, 1812, Madison declared war on Britain. Most Federalists didn’t want to have a war, but Madison decided against it. Immediately, U.S. forces attacked Canada. Canada was then a part of British territory. …show more content…

troops were very unprepared they made the first attack. That didn’t really help because they were defeated in Detroit. They were facing very well prepared troops from Britain lead by Sir Isaac Brock. The results were very mixed for the U.S. Things over in the West were way better. U.S. troops were lead by Oliver Hazard Perry. They won the Battle of Lake Erie in 1813. That then made the territory in the Northwest strongly American. They also redeemed themselves by battling in Detroit again, but winning this time. While this was happening the U.S. Navy were winning a ton of battles. This war was won by the U.S. but it was a rough run. We started of very weak but as the war wen on we built up our troops and weaponry. Before this war, the reason that most people didn’t want to go to war with Britain was because they were in a war already. They were in a war against France. The French were being led by Napoleon Bonaparte. So when the U.S. finally declared war on Britain, they were being attacked on both sides from the U.S. and

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